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The interest rate in your Easy Mortgage proposal is valid for 4 months. If there’s a lower rate available on your day of purchase, we’ll give you that instead!

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Fairer eligibility

Everyone deserves to have their own home, that’s why Dutch nationals and anyone with an EER-passport or Dutch residence permit is welcome to apply!

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Added sustainability

We’re committed to creating a greener way to bank. Get up to 106% of your property’s value so you can boost your new home’s energy efficiency.

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    Submit the required documents via your advisor and let us make you an understandable offer.

About us

At bunq, we’ve teamed up with Tulp to make getting a mortgage easy and stress-free, like it should be. With competitive interest rates and added financing for energy-saving improvements, Easy Mortgages are designed to benefit both you and the environment.

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