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*The annual income consists of your gross salary including holiday pay (usually 8% of your salary). You can calculate this yourself with the formula: gross monthly salary x 12 x 108%. Fixed allowances (e.g. shift allowance) may also be added. Variable bonuses (for example, irregularity bonus, overtime bonus and commission) you may include and add to your gross annual income for a maximum of 20%. If your fixed salary is €50,000, you can therefore include a maximum of €10,000 in overtime, commission and irregularity payments and calculate an income of €60,000.

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How do we calculate your Easy Mortgage?

When working out how much you’re eligible to borrow, we consider your annual gross salary including holiday pay, as well as any fixed allowances or variable bonuses you’re due to receive.

Buying a house with your partner? Then we’ll also take their income into consideration when determining your maximum loan amount.

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