Can I afford this house?

Want to know how big your mortgage can be, or have you seen a house you're interested in and want to see if it's within your reach? And what will your monthly finances look like, depending on the mortgage you choose?
Calculator with calculation sheet
Calculator with calculation sheet

Annual income

The annual income consists of your gross salary including holiday pay (usually 8% of your salary). You can calculate this yourself with the formula: gross monthly salary x 12 x 108%. Fixed allowances (e.g. shift allowance) may also be added. Variable bonuses (for example, irregularity bonus, overtime bonus and commission) you may include and add to your gross annual income for a maximum of 20%. If your fixed salary is €50,000, you can therefore include a maximum of €10,000 in overtime, commission and irregularity payments and calculate an income of €60,000.

Annual income partner

Are you buying a house together? Then the income of your partner is also important. Your joint income determines, among other things, the maximum loan amount.