How much can I borrow?


Want to know how big of a loan you can get? We created a tool so you instantly know how big your mortgage can be, based on 2022 norms.

Annual income

The annual income consists of your gross salary including holiday pay (usually 8% of your salary). You can calculate this yourself using the formula: gross monthly salary x 12 x 108%. You can also add fixed allowances (e.g. shift allowance) to this. You may include variable allowances (for example, irregularity allowance, overtime and commission) for a maximum of 20% of your gross annual income and add them to the annual income. If your fixed salary is € 50,000, you can therefore include a maximum of € 10,000 in overtime / commission / irregularity allowance and calculate with an income of € 60,000

Annual income partner

Are you buying a house together? Then your partner’s income also counts. Your joint income determines, among other things, the maximum loan amount.